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Eddie Traylor For Congress

The politicians in Washington, collectively, are failing our nation. America is at a crossroads. It is time to elect true "citizen representatives", as our founders intended, instead of lobbyed, career politicians. Once elected, I pledge to do things very differently, including:
  • Cut staff from 18 to 12.
  • Term limit myself to two terms.
  • Never serve as a lobbyist.
Help send a message on May 30th that we are here to solve the economic problems America faces with new leadership!

Trust and Leadership for The People!

Congress must be stopped. Spending must be controlled. I am duty-bound to sharply cut the size of government - so that America remains the economic and military superpower of the world.
    • "Status quo is Latin for the mess we're in!"   Ronald Reagan

      An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy; because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation." John Marshall

      A leader knows the way, a leader goes the way, a leader shows the way!

Eddie would be an ideal citizen representative. As a retired military and commercial pilot, he has served our nation proudly. He has tirelessly supported GOOOH for years, working to help force change in Washington. He is running now, not because he seeks a career in politics, but because he was chosen by his peers to do so. Tim Cox

Eddie served honorably in the Air Force; retired from private practice as a jet airline pilot; a happy family man and devout Christian. Why then, would a man with such a successful and distinguished career, not be content with retirement, to set back and smell the roses? Because he is concerned with the direction our government is leading us. He is now volunteering to serve America one more time, not for money, but rather for Love of Country. He has my full support! Mark Hall

Finally, a true patriot willing to serve for all the right reasons!

Eddie is committed to ending the destructive cycle of government as usual. He is not interested in perks or re-election; he wants to work for you to restore fiscal sanity. Eddie wants a limited government. He believes in wise citizens running our country, doing the right things while in office, and then returning home. He has a plan to protect our borders. His down to earth sincerity and straight talk will be refreshing in Washington. Phil Yates

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